Monday, 21 November 2011

Battle Missions - Kill Team

On Friday night my friend Ian came round for some 40k as we hadn't played in a while. I suggested playing the kill team mission out of the battle missions book as we had both previously said how much we loved Necromunda.

I text him a quick outline of the rules and after we'd had a pizza and got my terrain on the table we sat down to get our skirmish teams ready. I decided to take my Tau as they have more options for smaller squads. My team team consisted of 6 fire warriors and 2 XV-8 crisis suits. Ian took a Space Wolves team with 3 Terminators and a Landspeeder. We deployed and off we went! This first game went quite slowly as we adjusted to the rules and tried to remember the basic rules! It was quite tense with the terminators charging towards a few of the fire warriors however the sneaky tau tactics won through with the suits jumping around and popping them. Game one - win.

For the second game we both switched up our lists. Ian had got wise to the shenanigans and upped his list to 5 skyclaws and a Thunderwolf cavalry dude. I'd switched to just 3 crisis suits. The thunderwolf was a total beast and in one turn crossed almost the whole board to smash an XV-8. Needless to say the remaining 2 started jumping away but weren't quick enough. Game two - loss.

The final game we played Ian went for 5 Grey Hunters and a dreadnought. I switched to my ultramarines taking 5 Sternguard and a landspeeder. Nothing of mine could dent the dread however I only realised this after I'd deployed so was already on the back foot trying to chase down his other squad. Needless to say my team crumbled under the failing leadership of their general, me. Game three - loss.

In summary this was a fantastic take on games of 40k and ideal for me to fit in games after work with minimum effort. The small points limit means that it would be really easy to get a kill team painted and by completing a few kill teams you could quite quickly build up a whole army or try different codexes without needing to jump wholeheartedly into it. In terms of tactics I definitely think that the models you can fit in the better. When I took the 3 kitted out suits I was really on the back foot as Ian only needed 2 kills to make me start rolling for losing. I'd seriously recommend for any 40k players to give this a go and I'm already thinking up special missions for it and some custom rules to try out.

Let me know what you thought of it if you've had a game.

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