Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Thousand Sons

I started off not really enjoying this book to be honest. I had it in my head that it was going to contain a lot of very strange stuff and wouldn't really relate to things I like about 40k. I vaguely knew that at some point there would be a battle with the Space Wolves but other than that I had no idea what to expect.

The first few chapters didn't really help change my opinion. The Sons were doing some archeology and research and stuff on a planet, and I was just launched into the middle of these marines with really strange names. It was only when the remembrancers and the Wolves showed up that the Sons started to feel more 'human' and I could relate to them a lot more.

Without going into details the story really developed with a huge amount of detail and depth, from the descriptions of how the different cults fight, to the council of Nikea and by the end of the second part I was well and truly attached to Ahriman and many of the other characters., even Magnus, despite him being a total prat about stuff. Not as much of a prat as the Emperor though, crying about his broken science project.

It all climaxed with the grand battle for Prospero and by the end of it I was so sad that the Thousand Sons had been misunderstood and betrayed by Magnus I properly ended up hated Leman Russ and especially Wyrdmake.

Overall this book was a very impressive story and has made me rethink my opinions of McNeill, not that I ever disliked him, I just wasn't caught up in the hype. A very respectable 7/10 and I can't wait to read Prospero Burns. But up next is Nemesis.

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