Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Week of hobby 25/12/11-31/12/11

This is a bit of a test post to see if I can keep myself motivated through 2012 with weekly hobby updates, so if I don't get anything done one week I'll feel bad because I've got nothing to talk about. Thankfully this first week included christmas day so there's plenty! So here we go...

Christmas day came around and presents were opened.
I knew the present from my parents was going to be Dreadfleet and that my girlfriend had got me some GW boxes. The sheer weight of the Dreadfleet box was immense and was literally full of sprues and cards and the mat. I'd been quite sceptical about this game when it was announced and when most of Games Day 2011 was taken up with it however I still wanted it because I didn't want to miss out on it like I had with Space Hulk.
So far I've got it all off the sprues but nothing has been trimmed up or glued. Plenty of stuff to keep me occupied over the next few months. Might even try to do a ship a week.

The boxes that my girlfriend had got me were a Nemesis Dreadknight and a Grey Knight Palladin/Terminator set.

I was like a child again immediately getting out the cutting mat and knife to get them blutacked together. At the moment I'm still trying to work out my paint scheme but I think I've got my army list sorted out (more on that next week).
What I'm still trying to find are some resin bases that are as cool as these amazing models. I might possibly do Space Hulk bases but they might be too silver.

Before I get properly into the knights or the boats I need to finish my 1k of Dwarfs.

I've got my first ever WHFB game coming up on the 22nd and really want to have the army fully painted my then. Those of you who follow me on twitter might have seen these before but I finished the resin bases for the 10 thunderers. I got these from a company called MicroArt Studio at my local game store Firestorm Games.

Also got a bit done on the Gyrocopter. This was the first finecast model I've bought and although the casting wasn't great I believe a lot of the issues are down to it being an old mold that wasn't designed for this new material. It's a definite plus that it's so light, I really didn't like metal!

I can't remember what day it was but I fired up my PS3 and slotted in Space Marine. After about an hour of it updating I finally got to playing. At first I started playing the main campaign through again on hard. The first time round I completed it on easy but there's plenty of trophies that are for hard only. I soon got fed up chasing trophies and tried out the new co-op exterminatus online mode. This is a great take on multiplayer and the action was fast and fun, definitely getting back on that when I can.

The last bit for this week was the leak of the Games Day 2012 miniature. The Blood Angel captain from the box of 2nd edition! As soon as I saw this I was taken back to being a boy heading round to my mates house with my Genestealer Cult army to play against his Chaos Cult. I can't wait to get my Games Day ticket, even though the day might be as dissappointing as this year, just to get this fig.

That's about it for this week, let me know if you like the idea of a weekly update, or if you have hated a long boring wall of writing! cheers.

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