Thursday, 12 January 2012

White Dwarf 385. January 2012

I was quite looking forward to this issue. It had a whole extra week than normal to produce, but on getting it I can't really see where the time has been used, except to just take more photos of the same model over and over and over and over....

New releases - A very sad read if you're a 40k player and don't like Vampire Counts (basically me). Loads of pics of the same big model and not much else. This is then followed by quite a desperate double spread about Dreadfleet. Now I have it and it is amazing but I don't need quotes from other gamers telling me how great it is.

Vampire Counts - So as to be expected in this issue there's a huge article about the undead guys. There's extracts from the Army Book and even more photos of the Coven Throne (yawn). There's the usual army lists and a few brief bits about 'tactics' but nothing substantial. One thing I have noted that's absent from this write up is an interview with the designers or book author. Maybe I'm just bummed out still about the lack of 40k.

War in the Border Princes - More pages taken up with an extract from the book but the fact there's a scenario attached is pretty cool. And then they play the scenario which is cool. And the VC's don't win, second month in a row that's happened!

Standard Bearer - I really liked this article. All right it shouldn't have lasted two pages but it rekindled my belief in the Jervis, that he hasn't just become a stooge. Other than that not a lot else to say.

Tactica: Necrons - This was a good little part, it got straight to the point, I've got no idea if any of it would actually work or if it's sound tactical advice but it looks like there's a lot of information to digest. If anything it's food for thought.

Painting Workshop: Ghorgon - I feel the same about this as I did about last months workshop. Good breakdown of steps and interesting to read but still not digging the model.

Civil War - Awesome! More free rules, and this time they're not an extract from a book. This almost makes the issue worthwhile for me.

Games Day 2012 - They really try and big this up, I only hope it improves from last year. The main reason I'll be going is for the very tasty miniature. A lovely piece of history brought to life.

Battlefield Terrain - Just some shots of Realms of Battle boards with adverts for terrain pieces.

Painting Workshop: Mortis Engine - For the love of god give it a rest with this model!

Warhammer World - Nice little write up of the amazing centre in Nottingham. I've only been there once but it was a great day out and would recommend it to anyone that has the opportunity.

Hall of Fame - That terminator Chaplain is badass! Always good to hear a bit of a story behind the model.

Hmmm, when I first flicked through the issue I was excited, I thought it looked great and couldn't wait to read it. Now I've broken it down for review it's kind of lost it's appeal. There are some really big glimmers of hope but the fact that there's nothing about their other games systems means it's a real one sided read and if you're not into vampires then it's a lot of wasted pages. After much deliberation it gets 4/10. Fingers crossed for a better February, this is the 25th anniversary of 40k after all!

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