Sunday, 29 January 2012

My week of hobby 22/01/12-28/01/12

So this was my week off from work and a chance to get a fair amount of hobbying done. I kicked it off with my first ever game of Warhammer fantasy over at my friends house. I was using my Dwarfs and they were going up against Tomb Kings. I can't remember the details of his army but it had a scorpion thing, and Casket, three chariots, and unit of skele-horses and a big unit of skeletons with a leader and a magic dude in it.

I tried to play fairly aggressively (well as aggressively as you can with a 3" move) and advanced my slayers up the left flank while the Dragon Slayer and Warriors went up the right. During the second turn I managed to assault the scorpion with the slayer killing it much to both of our amazement. The miners popped up on the back table edge and headed towards the casket but never quite got there. On the left flank the chariots stormed into the slayers and a war of attrition begun. I can't remember what the outcome of that was but it was close.

The thunderers and cannon didn't really play a huge role in the game, partly due to bad deployment and partly dude to some high rolling on the artillery die. Tomb Kings won the game but was huge amounts of fun, has given me plenty of food for thought and has got me itching for the next game.

Since it was a week off me and my girlfriend decided to have a couple of daytrips out to neighbouring towns. We went to Newport and Swansea and me being me I decided to try and find the GW stores whilst there. The Newport one was shut so no photo opportunity there, however Swansea was open so I popped in, had a nose around, resisted buying anything but at least it's another one done on my crazy mission to visit them all!

Also this week now that I've finished undercoating all the Dreadfleet parts I got it all set out on the lounge floor (the mat was bigger than my table!) and the GF and I went about playing the first scenario. We hadn't really read the rules so it was a case of playing it 'lite' but was a lot of fun. Then later in the week my Tomb King friend came round and we read the rules and played the first scenario through properly. The Grand Alliance was set packing with Noctilis (?) victorious but revenge will be had once some islands have been painted!

Inbetween all this action I managed to finish the first member of my Grey Knight Strike Squad. As he's going to be my entry into #miniaturemonday tomorrow you'll have to check back then to see him. All I'm going to say is I'm really proud of him but really wish I could paint quicker!

Yesterday I was having a lazy day when I really should've been painting. Instead I ended up undercoating my Garden of Morr and 2 Arcane Fulcrums, and sorting out my bookcase where I keep all my armies. I now have 5 shelves full of miniatures, one for the Dwarfs, one each for Tau, Ultramarines and Grey Knights and now another one for Dreadfleet and random bits of scenery. I was slightly alarmed (to say the least) at how much I've still got left to paint. So long as Tau don't come out any time soon I'll have plenty of time to catch up.

Other than White Dwarf arriving, trying to decide whether I really need the 25th anniversary model, and looking at the new Forge World Scarabs there's not a whole lot left to report other than that I'm going to be stopping with the weekly updates for now. It seemed like a good idea at the time but having to wait a whole week to write about the fantasy battle and then waiting to show my GK is not ideal. So you'll probably be seeing more posts from me (sorry) but they will be shorter! Thanks for reading and have a good evening.

ps. I have no idea if anyone looks at the page tabs at the top but this week I've finally updated the Dwarf, GK and stats ones.

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