Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Taking of Thrask - Campaign details.

In my previous post I said I'd return with a closer look at the campaign I'll be running, and here I am! It's set on a planet called Thrask, a small world on the outskirts of the Caerphillax sector towards the Eastern Fringe.

What I'm hoping is that I can, over time, develop this region of space in much the same way as FFG have done with their own private sector of the Imperium. That's for the future though, for now I'm starting small, with just a single planet.

In the previous post I mentioned about how to create your warzone, and that's exactly what I've done. There's five areas of conflict, and if there's no funny business we should be finished in 5 games. Knowing us that'll take a few months to accomplish but at least that'll give me the time to invent the missions and write up the background lore each time.

I'm going to be playing my Tau this time. I haven't picked up any of the new shiny stuff, so my lists will be fairly straight forward (except the XV9's!) and my friend should be using Chaos Marines. I know that he's working on a Heldrake at the moment, and has mentioned a Defiler a couple of times so to be honest I'm shitting myself about being out of my depth. It should prove to be an interesting series of battles, mostly because it'll be the first time we'll have played both using 6th edition codexs.

The first section on the map to be fought over will be the starport as it would be a key strategic asset. The game is scheduled for this Sunday and there will be a couple of posts leading up to it, and a couple of posts afterwards. In the run up there will be the mission briefing, followed certainly by my armylist, possibly one from the Chaos side too. Afterwards there'll be two lore based pieces. One being a short story about the events leading up to the battle, the second being about the battle itself. After that I might do a really quick regular battle rep and show you guys how the campaign is moving along.

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