Sunday, 9 October 2011

Distractions, distractions...

Building a drop pod is a real hassle. For no apparent reason I find it really difficult to find the motivation to finish it. So I've been doing a fair bit of hobby procrastinating, from reading the latest White Dwarf, undercoating a load of stuff, and then going completely off track and working on these...

I've had my Planetary Empires set laying around for ages, all prepped ready for painting in a tupperware and last night thought I'd do some experimenting with different worlds. So far I've thought of snow, rainforest and moon. Any more suggestions?

These are going to be used in a campaign that I'm starting to write but that's a long way off still.

The Garden of Morr. This was procured from my trip to Games Day and have to say the quality of this kit is astounding, well worth the £30 ticket price.

I don't like having things in boxes or left on the sprue, and even though I have no intention of painting this (or any other WHFB stuff like my Dwarfs) any time soon it needed to be put together.

And the final thing I've been up to this week are 2 of my Arcane Fulcrums. Unlike the garden these are horrid models made out of what seems to be lower grade plastic than normal and some of the joints are highly inaccurate. Again, I doubt these will get used in the next year but it's better they're out on the fantasy shelf than hidden away and forgotten about.

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