Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tales of Heresy

This is the first short story collection in the series and before I get into each bit individually can I just say this whole book is totally awesome. I loved the way it gave a bit more of an insight into various bits and pieces of the 40k universe.

Blood Games - Dan Abnett. This kicked the book off in amazing style. It started off with the Custodes having a bit of a runaround playing hide and seek before they actually had to do some real work slaughtering some people.

Wolf at the Door - Mike Lee. Mike is fast becoming one of my favourite authors at the moment. This was all about a squad of Space Wolves and how they encountered a Dark Eldar kabal (although iirc they're never refered to as that, just general xenos scum). The Wolves always have good stories, if only they wore their helmets more I'd be tempted to get an army!

Scions of the Storm - Anthony Reynolds. Nothing too spectacular here. Some Word Bearers fighting some more aliens, although there is quite a big revelation at the end which made it worthwhile.

The Voice - James Swallow. Not really a big fan of stuff that happens in the warp, or the Sisters of Battle, but liked that this carried on the story with a few names from one of the earlier books.

Call of the Lion - Gav Thorpe. Dark Angels time, hell yeah! Mostly about trying to bring some stubborn people into compliance. Very interesting stuff but no mention of the way Descent of Angels ended. Thank god Fallen Angels is next.

The Last Church - Graham McNeill. Nice little interlude about the Emperor tricking an old man and destroying his church. Dare I say it I'm not much of a McNeill fan.

After Desh'ea - Matthew Farrer. This was a weird one. Angron had just met the Emperor and been given his legion and most of the story was him beating the hell out of Kharn. Quite confusing to begin with but turned out alright.

Favourite story has to be either Blood Games or Wolf at the Door. Solid 7/10. Fallen Angels next, can't wait!

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