Wednesday, 14 March 2012


So this blog entry was inspired by Stahly over at Tale of Painters and a few of my recent purchases.

Now I'm a forum surfer and spend far too much time than is healthy browsing the Warseer forums, however from time to time I can't help feeling that there's more people on there that hate the game than love it! Anyways, one subject that always inspires a huge negative response is Finecast.

I hadn't bought any of the new resin models until I picked up the 25th anniversary model at the end of last month, closely followed by Draigo last week. I'd planned to leave the Crimson Fist wrapped up on my shelf but when parts of my Draigo sprue were miscast I instantly opened the packaging and was amazed at the quality.

The detail was so crisp, the curves of the power armour were super smooth and no parts had snapped or warped. This was a huge contrast to the issues I had with my Grey Knight.

So instead of complaining to the internet I gave GW a call, they said to email in some photos and they'd see what they could do. A few days later I was emailed and told they'd be sending me out replacement parts, which I thought was fantastic service.
They arrived today and when I opened the box saw that they'd actually sent me a brand new complete model, and it was perfect!

Yes I could be whining about how this kind of thing should never have happened in the first place (and could even be justified by how GW hyped it up as the biggest bestest thing ever when it launched) but I'm not going to.
I'm going to say bravo Nottingham for trying to push the boundaries, improve our hobby and still remain professional and hugely customer service orientated in the face of so much vitriol. Lets hope that the vocal few that spread the bad feeling don't end up ruining it for the rest of us.


  1. Great to see some positive posts about the hobby.

  2. I agree, it's easy to GW bash and you could argue that they should be getting it right first time but if they can support the community with great service then that's the next best thing.

    GW must be one of the largest (if not 'the' largest) manufacturers of plastic and resin kits in the world, so if anyone's in a position to get it right it's them. I reckon in a year or two we'll hardly ever hear of a mis-cast resin mini as they continue to improve and refine the manufacturing process. Hope so, anyway!