Tuesday, 27 March 2012

YouTube Tuesday: 40k Videogames.

For those of you reading this expecting some intriguing insight into the electronic counterparts to our tabletop hobby, I'm afraid you might be disappointed! My experience with playing these games is fairly limited but I thought it would be cool to put some footage together to see how the games have developed through the years.

So we start with the latest, Space Marine. I got this on PS3 the day it came out and it's probably the only game I've completed from start to finish! As an Ultramarines player I had no problem with the storyline and the action was fantastic. I haven't used any of the DLC that's come out but it's really cool they're continuing to support it.

This was the precursor to Space Marine and was a cheap download-only mini game. The action was intense and really captured the feel of non-stop waves of enemies to slaughter.

Dawn of War 2 was a strange hybrid of RPG and RTS. I never got around to playing it but really hope to eventually pick it up.

Dawn of War is the only PC based 40k game I've played. It came out around the time I was getting bored with Warcraft 3 and blew me away that I could play an RTS and recognise the units I was creating. They released a few expansions bringing in new races like the Tau and Necrons, sweet!

Squad Command came out on the DS and PSP. I totally missed this one when it came out but might pick it up for a lunchtime fix of Astartes.

This was out on PS2 called Fire Warrior. I've got a copy but didn't realise my PS3 isn't backwards compatible! So it's on the shelf waiting for when I get around to finding a cheap old console.

So there we have it, a very brief look at some of the awesome 40k videogames they've made over the years. I could keep coming but I'm going to leave you with one final trailer for the upcoming Dark Millennium which looks like it's going to suck up a huge amount of time when it finally hits.

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