Sunday, 11 March 2012

Grey Knights v Tyranids

Earlier today one of my best mates came over for a battle. It was a number of firsts as well. It was the first game we've played on my Realm of Battle board, it was the first time I'd used my Knights and it was the first time the new Tyrannofex had been present.

My army consisted of Draigo, 5 Paladins, a Strike Squad, Dreadknight, Storm Raven and a Land Raider. I was facing a Hive Tyrant with guard, A Trygon Prime, Tyrannofex, Lictor, and couple of units of warriors, some Hormagaunts and termagants.

We rolled off and got command and control with a pitched battle set up. I won the roll so set up and went first. My Dreadknight advanced down the left flank towards the Hive Tyrant and the warriors while the Raven and Raider advanced on the rest of the army. Grey Knights have a lot more special rules to remember than my Ultramarines so I might have missed bits out but they seem very powerful. Of special note is the Storm Raven whose Mind Strike Missiles are amazing when they cause Perils of the Warp.

I'd forgotten that the Dreadknight couldn't assault after it had shunted but it managed to survive that round of combat until it was eventually taken out by the Trygon. The Paladins and their wound allocation shenanigans were brutal, surviving everything but a combined assault from the 'Fex, Trygon, Warriors and Lictor all at once. By comparison the Strike squad was less than impressive with the Trygon wiping them out in one go.

Assault 20?! WTF!
In the end neither of us had claimed an objective however a shot from a lascannon sponson was enough to finish off the final Nid clearing them from the table.

Draigo didn't do anything all game, I'd left him on my objective to guard against outflankers, and the new Tyrannofex was extremely daunting however against force weapons unfortunately his initiative of 1 didn't help. Against other foes I just know he's going to be a beast (like when my Tau come out of retirement!).

Overall it was an enjoyable game and I learnt a lot about my new army. I also learnt I'm going to have to really read my codex properly to make sure I'm getting everything right. Even without taking Psyfilemen Dreads and Death Cult Assassins it seemed a bit overpowered. Time will tell if my dice were just hot today or if it's a powerful list!

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