Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nemesis Dreadknight now complete!

This model is epic in real life! In the photos on GWs website it looks a little strange but with it finished in front of me it's actually hard as nails. There were a few mishaps in the construction, I didn't realise the top piston bits couldn't be attached after the two halves of the body were glued together. Also the body of the pilot doesn't fit in if you haven't glued him in before construction. Oh well.

As with the Strike Squad I refered to a list from Wikipedia, this time of moons and comets orbiting Saturn and found the name Janus which I really liked so painted that onto all the parchment. It was only when I got to one of the pilots arms that the word Janus was sculpted on there! It must've been meant to be.

The base as you can see is unfinished. I can't find a large one that fits in with the others I'd already got for the troops. I've started experimenting with leftover bits from a rhino kit but am going to leave it for a while before I glue anything down.

Cheers for reading, laters folks!


  1. Looks awesome mate. How long did he take?

  2. He does look good, I wish the pictures were bigger so I could make some more of the detail.

    Ron, FTW

  3. @Ian, ta very much dude. I can't remember exactly but about 2 weeks doing an hour or so every night!

    @Ron, Thanks for having a look Ron, I've just updated the post with much larger photos.

  4. @the unrealistic artist - Cheers mate. At the moment he's standing on the doors from a rhino top hatch, one side door from a rhino with a box from the back of a predator turret and a toolbox as decoration.