Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dwarfs and Tomb Kings v Skaven

A couple of weekends ago me and a couple of mates got together for another game of Fantasy. I was fielding my 1k of Dwarfs and had allied with another 1000 points of my friends Tomb Kings. We would be going up against 2000 points of Skaven, quite a horde!

I can't remember the armylists exactly but I was using the same army as last time. Ian used the same TKs and Dean had a few large units of clan rats, a Screaming Bell, Doom Wheel, and a few other bits and pieces.

We rolled off and ended up with a pitched battle. On the right flank we deployed our war machines along with my Slayers and Gyrocopter. Down the left was the rest of the army. On the Skaven side the Doom Wheel was set up to go after the war machines with the rest up against our bulk.

Exact details are a bit hazy (I really should write these reports sooner) but the Doom Wheel was a total menace firing it's special thing every turn whittling down the Slayers and making us very wary. His wizard (?) took out all the war machines in one swoop so that left us with the huge battle on the left. This was really tense with lots of maneuvering. Ians chariots were an absolute beast once again wiping out plenty of rats while my Slayer Hero, this time working with his arch enemy the Scorpion, were left in a bit of no-mans land and didn't have a huge impact.

In the end the Skaven were victorious but it was a close and fun battle with plenty of randomness both from units and from the terrain. A lot of lessons were learnt on my part. Things like rank bonuses are important so I need to up my unit sizes to 20. Also that units might need Heroes like Thanes in their midsts to bolster them against attack, and dispell dice are vital so a Rune Lord wouldn't go amiss.

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